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Energy Companies Collaborate on a Bio-based Transformer Oil Production Experiment

The commercial partnership agreement was signed by BBGI Plc, SCG Chemicals Plc, and QTC Energy Plc to develop and manufacture bio-based transformer oil, marking the first production trial of its sort in Thailand.

The findings of phase 2 of the bio transformer oil production experiment, according to BBGI President and CEO Kittiphong Limsuwant torot, effectively scaled up production capacity from the laboratory level. The testing also assessed the oil’s major qualities, such as viscosity, dielectric strength, and auto-ignition point, with the findings meeting transformer oil criteria.

Suracha Udomsak of SCG Chemicals noted that all partners engaged in the initiative are dedicated to inventing chemical goods for sustainability by using BCG economic principles and mega-trends as a framework to build products and services.

Meanwhile, Poonphiphat Tantanasin, CEO of QTC Energy, stated that the bio transformer oil test results revealed that its qualities are similar to that of manufacturers in other countries.

The project complements the government’s BCG economy efforts and policies that promote palm oil-based goods under the National Oil Palm Policy Committee, with the goal of increasing demand for bio transformer oil in Thailand. Commercial manufacturing is intended to reduce production costs for companies that rely on imports. The agreement is expected to boost the country’s competitiveness and add value to its crops, as well as distribute money across communities and move development toward sustainability.

Author: kanyapat

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