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Golf tournament “Honda LPGA Thailand 2023” a smashing success

For the 16th time, the “Honda LPGA Thailand 2023” was held at Siam Country Club, Old Course, Chonburi. It has become a “phenomenon” between February 23 and 26, 2023, a battle of 72 golfers, including 11 Thai golfers, who cheer, have fun, and squeeze the hearts of golf fans on the course and on PPTV screens.

including the success of the competition’s organizers and main partners, Honda, IMG, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and the Sports Authority of Thailand, who collaborated to host a prestigious tournament that helped advance women’s golf in Thailand. This includes benefits for the entire region. Including the miniature version brought by the parents to seek inspiration. This includes the second-largest group of golf fans who visit the course. It was only second to the 2013 tournament and is regarded as one of Thailand’s most successful sporting events. Although the competition has concluded, there are statistics and interesting information in various aspects that should be remembered.

The stadium’s second-highest number of spectators Since the Honda LPGA Thailand competition was organized, there has been a phenomenon known as “Honda LPGA Thailand 2023 Fever,” in which golf fans of all genders and ages, both Thais and foreigners, have come to visit. and cheering on the world’s best golfers from the start of the four-day tournament. The Siam Country Club Old Course had a lively atmosphere. cheers There is applause around the course as golfers swing close-ups, take photos, and sign autographs. The atmosphere at the sponsor’s booth is filled with games to win souvenirs. With food and drinks, it’s a fun image that hasn’t been seen since 2019, after the COVID-19 epidemic. Golf fans were repressed, resulting in 46,879 spectators throughout the tournament, making it the Honda LPGA Thailand’s second-highest spectator total, with the highest spectator peaking in 2013 at Ariya Jutanu. Kal finished second with over 47,000 viewers.

Lilia Wu, who is competing in the Honda LPGA Thailand for the first time, holds the trophy. Americans on the golf course She traveled to Thailand for the first time to compete in the “Honda LPGA Thailand” tournament and was grateful to the tournament organizers and golf fans for their warm welcome, winning the championship at the Siam Country Club, Old Course Par 72. Over four days of play, the stats show 1 halftime, 25 birdies, 41 pars, and 5 bogeys for a total score of 22-under-par 262 (66, 70, 64, 64).

She received a total score of It was her lowest score playing 72 holes on the LPGA Tour, and the 25-year-old made history. Be a golfer who has won the “Honda LPGA Thailand” championship since it began. This is also her first championship of the season. and the first LPGA Tour champion, as well as the Rolex First-Time Winner, with a career-high total prize money of more than $1 million. She won $255,000 as champion, bringing her total prize money to $1,177,769, and her world ranking rose from 21st to 12th.

Sim-Nattakritta Wongthaweelap establishes precedent. “SIM 300,” an invited athlete from the Honda LPGA Thailand 2023 National Qualifiers, led and won the championship for the first time in the competition. I just got my LPGA tour card last year and just experienced my first LPGA arena, but skill combined with strong determination is ready to drive your own inspiration. He competed as a guest golfer to achieve a successful golf career that led “Sim” to win the Honda LPGA Thailand 2023 National Qualifiers.

Throughout the tournament, the 20-year-old LPGA Tour long-distance rookie created quite a stir. For the first three days, he scored in the 60s (67, 65, 64), taking the lead after the third round. With Thai golfers, we hope to make history. The second person to win the Honda LPGA Thailand Championship after May-Ariya Jutanugarn did so in windy conditions on the final day. With the expectations of the golf fans who flocked to see “SIM” try his best, Thailand’s cheers rang out in the second. It’s a shame that as he was walking up to the ball, he missed the championship by only one stroke, making golf fans cry.

Sim-Nattakritta is the first golfer to lead and finish second in the Honda LPGA Thailand 2023 National Qualifiers. More importantly, the world ranking Rolex Rankings soared from 470th to 91st in the world, and Woods had the opportunity to win the LPGA Rising Star of the Year award.

Sim’s complete birth certificate It is also considered an inspiration for the new generation of young people because the SIM has proven that “nothing is impossible. Gino-Athaya Thitikul will finish in the top ten for the third year in a row if we remain focused and determined.

Former world No. 1, Atthaya Thitikul, a fan favorite who finished second in 2021, shot in the 60s in all four rounds: 67, 69, 64, 68, finishing third on the list with a total score of 20 under par 268. Missed out on the championship, but “Gino” continues to perform to a good standard, finishing in the top 10 after playing three years in a row and finishing in the top 5 twice in this tournament.

“The fact that there are so many golf fans cheering on the field is a good sign for the Thai golf industry. However, we still require assistance from relevant agencies, the business sector, and Thai golf fans. to help develop the Thai golf industry. The ability of Thai golfers is unrivaled in the world. Both from the performances of Thai athletes who have won various championships around the world, including the Honda LPGA Thailand program, and from the performances of new athletes who have performed admirably in this year’s competition. As a result, I would like to see all sectors work together to continuously develop and support one another. To help raise the bar for golf and Thai golfers. “Athaya praised the work of “SIM” and Thai golfers in order to be comparable to the international level in every way. following the race

Jinyoung Ko shot 60 in all four rounds for the first time since a major championship. Jin Yong Ko, who has held the record for the second longest No. 1 in golf history for 152 weeks, set a record in the competition “Honda LPGA Thailand 2023” at the Evian Championship 2022. Interestingly, the 13-time LPGA Tour champion scored in the upper 60s for the first time in her career last day, finishing sixth at the Amundi Evian Championship 2022. She was one of the best scorers in the eighth-under-par 64-hole round of 18 holes since the first round of the Palos Verdes Championship presented by Bank of America.

Throughout the tournament, Thai golfers finished in the top three. Three Thai golfers are Sim-Nattakritta Wongtaweelap, Jean-Athaya Thitikul, and Wan-Jarawee Boonchan. This year’s race saw him finish in the top three of each day’s race and in the top 20 overall.

Wan-Jarawee Boonchan, an LPGA Tour rookie who competed as a guest golfer for the second year in a row, took the lead on the first day with a score of 7 under par 65 before finishing the tournament in joint 17th place.

Sim-Nattakritta Wongthaweelap, the winner of the Honda LPGA Thailand 2023 National Qualifiers, was the second Thai golfer to make an impression on the second day. The second round was 7 under par 65, for a total score of 12 under par 132.

Sim-Nattakritta, a rookie on the LPGA Tour, shot 8 under par in the third round, giving her a total of 20 under par (196) as a continuous leader.

On the final day, Sim-Nattakritta finished second after losing only one stroke to Lilia Wu, and Jean-Athaya Thitikul finished third after losing only two strokes to the champion on the ninth hole at Siam Country. The most difficult hole for golfers in the Honda LPGA Thailand 2023 is Club Old Course.

According to the statistics from the four days of competition, Hole 9, a par 4, appears to be the most difficult and difficult to score hole in the 16th tournament. On this hole, golfers made 33 birdies but 56 bogeys. Par 192 times in total. On this hole, another golfer made seven double bogeys. A score of 4.128 is the average.

With an average score of 4.115, hole 17, a par 4, is the second-most difficult hole this year. Even the most recent champion, Lilia Wu, admitted after winning that she wanted revenge on the 17th hole because she had lost two bogeys and couldn’t make any birdies on the hole in four days.

Honda and IMG, the tournament organizers, promise to bring back a fantastic tournament for the world’s best golfers. Thailand will compete in the much-anticipated “Honda LPGA Thailand 2024.”

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