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Cobra Gold 2023 Exercises Include Muay Thai Superstar Training for US Troops

Sombat Banchamek, commonly known as Buakaw, a champion Muay Thai fighter, recently taught Muay Thai to US soldiers at this year’s multilateral “Cobra Gold” military exercises in Thailand.

Buakaw was pleased with the eagerness of US soldiers to learn about Thailand’s national arts and Muay Thai culture. He also stated that the training sessions allowed for cultural interactions between Thai and US military members.

This year’s 42nd annual Cobra Gold exercises, a war games event, drew 7,394 military troops from 30 different countries. The exercises provide as a chance for military personnel from participating countries to better their operational readiness and strengthen military cooperation.

Military authorities stated the Muay Thai training supplied to US soldiers during the Cobra Gold exercises also acted as an avenue for enhancing cultural understanding and boosting the self-defense abilities of participating military personnel.

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