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Monday, March 27, 2023

China is willing to assist Thailand to fight against “shady businesses.”

In response to recent reports that Chinese people were involved in illicit economic operations in Thailand, the People’s Republic of China Embassy in Thailand issued a statement on its Facebook page. The Chinese government, according to the embassy, has consistently demanded that Chinese nationals and Chinese businesses operating outside of China respect and uphold the laws and traditions of the nation or territory in which they live, conduct lawful business, and give back to the community in which they operate.

Until date, most Chinese people have cooperated with these requirements. Additionally, the efforts of Chinese residents and enterprises in Thailand have tremendously benefitted the Thai economy. It is usually obvious that they do humanitarian activities. Yet, the Chinese government will assist Thai authorities in prosecuting Chinese citizens who committed crimes in Thailand. It is critical to emphasize that not all Chinese behaviors and Chinese enterprises in Thailand are inappropriate; rather, only some groups of Chinese individuals participate in such conduct. It is ludicrous to cite these concerns as justification for opposing trade and economic cooperation.

Author: kanyapat

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