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Thai executives visit Japanese airports to get insights

The executives of U-Tapao International Airport visited two airports in Japan to investigate the practices and advancements for drafting recommendations for the Thai airport.

Keeree Kanjanapas, Executive Chairman of U-Tapao International Aviation Company Ltd (UTA), and top executives visited Japan’s Narita International Airport and Haneda International Airport.

The delegates first visited Narita International Airport on February 15 and 16, where they were greeted by Akihiko Tamura, President & CEO of Narita International Airport Company, and Hideharu Miyamoto, Executive Director of the airport. The Thai businessmen were given a tour of the airport facilities as well as information on facility systems such as maintenance and the newest facial recognition technology. They also visited the airport’s NEC Future Creative Centre, which supports innovation in the corporate sector and tourism within the airport.

On February 17, Thai representatives traveled to Haneda International Airport to explore Innovation City, a city founded on the notion of combining commerce and business. The party also went to the Airport Garden, a colorful passenger rest zone with spas, hotels, shops, and transit systems that link directly to the airport.

Narita International Airport is the busiest airport in Japan and the third busiest in the world. It is also the principal airport that acts as a hub for flights between Asia and the Americas. The airport was voted fourth in the world’s Top 10 airports for 2022 by airport users, and it received four stars from prominent aviation organizations for its facilities, cleanliness, safety, immigration, and services.

These airport visits provided Thai airport administrators with information to build rules and best practices for U-Tapao International Airport, as well as models for improvement.

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