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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The Early Childhood Academic Exhibition was held on February 17th

On February 17th, there was an Early Childhood Academic Exposition.

The Mayor of Hua Hin delegated Ms. Busaba Choksuchat, Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin, who presided over the opening ceremony of the early childhood academic exhibition “Project Approach 2023,” along with Mr. Kitti Fuangfu, Secretary to the Mayor, Mr. Jeerawat Prahmanee, Deputy Municipality, Mr. Sangkhep Jamjamrat, Head of Education, Religion and Culture Division, Education Division, and Mr. Boonthawe Engage in activities at the Municipal Demonstration School in Ban Hua Hin.

The strategy of Hua Hin municipality in education development is “Project Approach 2023” for the academic exhibition at the early childhood level. Improving Educational Quality It is in the Hua Hin municipality’s project plan that has been outlined in the municipality’s development plan. The goal is to give a high-quality education to children and teenagers. having a higher educational threshold for early childhood It is the age when you desire to learn about the world around you by using your five senses to learn about your parents, your peers, and the surroundings.

This will result in the development of personality, character, physical and mental growth, the brain, intelligence, and aptitude, which are developed and supported in all areas of development for early childhood children to reach their full potential at this age. It will provide a solid basis for maturing into a responsible citizen.

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