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Yala Students Honored for Winning New Gen Inventors Award 2023

The Prime Minister congratulated a group of Yala provincial high school students on earning this year’s New Gen Inventors Award for their ingenious device that can remove parasites in raw food.

According to Deputy Government Spokesman Rachada Dhnadirek, Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha congratulated the four pupils from Thamavitya Mulniti School who won the prize using “Boega,” a powder extract manufactured from galangal (Alpinia Galangal) leaves.

The Prime Minister praised the students’ inventiveness in combining scientific knowledge and herbs readily available in communities to produce a product that can be used to promote physical health as well as other practical applications in daily life.

Boega is an environmentally friendly solution that may be used to eradicate parasites in raw food in six minutes. Just pour it into a basin of water with raw food and soak for 15-20 minutes before washing with clean water. The parasites in the food will be removed, and the food will be safe to consume.

Boega is ideal for persons who enjoy eating raw or half-cooked food, as these delicacies often include parasites that might cause sickness.

Author: kanyapat

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