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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

This month, informal Thai workers in South Korea should return to Thailand

A deadline has been set for undocumented Thai employees in South Korea to return to Thailand or face severe penalties.

According to Rachada Dhnadirek, Deputy Administration Spokesperson, the South Korean government has set February 28 as the deadline for Thais working illegally in South Korea to return to Thailand. Thai employees who are presently in the nation illegally and return within the deadline will be excluded from the penalty cost, which is estimated to be roughly 30 million won (800,000 baht).

Workers who wish to return home should contact South Korean immigration officials or visit www.hikorea.go.kr, according to the spokeswoman. Since November 7, 2022, South Korean government have established ways for illegal Thai employees to return home.

According to the spokesman, informal laborers would be denied access to benefits in the nation and may endure exploitation and poor wages while compelled to live in concealment. She also stated that any Thai employees who return as a result of this offer will be eligible to return to South Korea in the future.

For additional information, contact the South Korean Immigration Contact Center at 1345, the Royal Thai Embassy in Seoul at +82-10-6747-0095 or +82-10-3099-2955, or the embassy’s Facebook page.

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