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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Dual Ballot System Reaffirmed by EC

The Election Commission (EC) has assured voters that the dual ballot method would not pose an issue in the next general election.

Authorities will strive to avoid public misunderstanding by adopting different colors for the two cards and making information available to voters.

EC Secretary-General Sawang Boonmee highlighted preparations for the use of two ballot cards in the forthcoming general election, adding that, despite the change from the 2019 election, it would not be novel to the people. Dual ballots have also been used in local elections.

The secretary-general stated that the two ballots will be colored differently so that they can be distinguished. The EC will also make efforts to educate the public about the two-ballot system.

Meanwhile, the EC chairman announced that the organization will have a meeting with political party leaders next week to discuss general election preparations. The expenditures that parties would have to bear for party-list and constituency-based MP candidates will be a major source of worry.

Concerning political party primaries, the EC head said that the legislation now permits a party to field candidates for an entire province using only one party branch or party representative. Certain meetings, however, must be held in conformity with the statutes and laws regulating political parties.

He went on to say that next week’s negotiations will address this necessity, and that political parties should pay special attention to impending pronouncements.

Author: kanyapat

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