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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Footprints of Fossilized Dinosaurs Discovered in Kalasin Province

Authorities discovered fossilized footprints believed to be those of a dinosaur species on a vast stone bed in Phu Faek forest park in Kalasin province.

Damrongsak Chusrithong, the park’s head, and officials from the Department of Mineral Resources recently investigated the footprints after a resident of Ban Nam Kham reported the discovery to local officials.

According to department reports, the imprints are 21-30 cm long and 17-31 cm wide. The tracks are thought to have belonged to a predatory dinosaur that was around two meters tall and five meters long.

This is the first time that evidence of the animal, which is thought to have existed roughly 140 million years ago, have been discovered in Thailand.

The newest footprints discovered were 1.5 kilometers apart from another preserved print belonging to the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever unearthed in Thailand, according to officials.

In the future, the region is anticipated to be turned into an educational facility for paleontological and geological study.

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