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Thai and Chinese Private Sectors Partnering to Attract Chinese Tourists to Thailand

Thai and Chinese travel agencies are now working together to promote Thailand to Chinese tourists. The Chinese government has given the green light for travel agents to organize group trips to 20 different countries beginning on February 6. Meanwhile, data from the Thai Chamber of Commerce in China suggests that 10 million Chinese visitors are on the way to Thailand this year.

Secretary-General Phaichit Viboontanasarn of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in China remarked that the legalization of tour agencies in China to provide group tour services is a huge win for Thai tourism. He predicted that the increase in the frequency and duration of Chinese visitors was a direct effect of this change. He said that because of Japan and South Korea’s strict illness screening criteria for visitors from China, Thailand will be able to accommodate them. Those guests would join the growing number of Chinese vacationers who, after a two- to three-year hiatus from international travel, are planning a trip to Thailand. According to Mr. Phaichit, all Chinese airlines should be flying by March.

Mr. Phaichit has announced that Thai and Chinese group travel operators are in talks to host a tourist exhibition by the middle of February. Discussions between top-level Thai and Chinese tourism authorities will also take place during the event. Plans for tourism promotion and advertising campaigns will be considered at these gatherings.

Mr. Phaichit mentioned that many more tourism-related activities would take place in Thailand this year. Bangkok will play host to the 16th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention (WCEC) this June. In addition, a conference of Chinese immigrants and early adopters will be held in Thailand. For the former, organizers are anticipating around 5,000 attendees. About 20,000 individuals, including accompanying guests, are anticipated to travel to Thailand for the occasion. Moreover, during the Chinese labor day vacations in May, many Chinese tourists are likely to visit Thailand.

According to Mr. Phaichit, all of these things should add up to more than 8 million Chinese tourists visiting Thailand this year. If there are enough flights and ticket prices return to pre-pandemic levels, he claimed the figure may approach 10 million. Furthermore, he stated that beginning in March, one million Chinese tourists will visit Thailand every month.

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