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Solar Roof Project Meeting in Hua Hin

Recent investigations, studies, and analyses on power use were undertaken by MEA. It was discovered to be capable of servicing solar power installations put on neighborhood rooftops.

Mr. Nopporn Wuthikul, the mayor of Hua Hin, presided over the solar power generation service project meeting to install the roof (Solar Rooftop) in the Hua Hin Municipal Office area on January 17, 23. Also present were the municipal clerk, deputy municipal clerk, and the responsible person of the government agency. People attended the meeting held in the Hua Hin Municipal Government Office’s Poolsuk Room.

However, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) proposed the service on October 5, 2022. And survey the site for the solar power system installation. Hua Hin City has commissioned MEA to provide services and undertake a feasibility study to determine the viability of establishing a solar power system inside the Hua Hin City (solar roof) region.

MEA only gives a 10% service charge discount for the electricity supplied by the power generation system at Hua Hin City Hall, whose total installed capacity exceeds 237.60 kilowatts. In order to prepare for future actions in connected areas, a comparison will be made with the annual average power price; nonetheless, the meeting focused on project implementation, budget expenditures, and thorough descriptions in each relevant component based on the MEA’s recommended criteria.

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