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The Central Bank denies cybercrime using charging cords

Social media has been rife with claims that fraudsters may access victims’ phones through their charging cords. The Bank of Thailand and the Thai Bankers Association (TBA) have both denied these claims.

Recent social media reports that charging cords are being utilized in cybercrime have been debunked by the central bank and the TBA. They described how malware is secretly installed on users’ phones through the installation of malicious apps or the receipt of SMS messages.

Both sides have issued guidelines for banking consumers to follow in order to lessen their vulnerability to fraudsters. Among the cautions is the advice to not download software from unofficial or suspicious sources, or to avoid clicking on links in SMS or social networking apps. Customers are cautioned against doing any financial transactions on a device not their own and encouraged to keep their mobile banking app up to current at all times. People are asked to report any unusual activity on their bank accounts immediately.

Additionally, the Bank of Thailand has said that they are collaborating with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, the Anti-Money Laundering Office, and the Royal Thai Police to address this issue. Several steps have been taken to combat cybercrime, such as tightening up mobile app security, taking down fraudulent websites, providing more options for customers to voice complaints, and spreading awareness about the issue.

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