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‘Mananya’ traveled to the region to tackle local government’s problems with arable land

The Bashu government followed up on the Bangsaphan Cooperative Estate Limited members’ arable land issue on January 18, 2023, and met with cooperative members in the region in a multifunctional site for the dome building. In addition, the Cooperative Promotion Division’s primary objective is to encourage the economic and social growth of cooperatives and farmer’s organizations. To empower communities, the primary purpose is to promote and strengthen the cooperative system as a means for economic and social development.

Ms. Mananya Thaiset, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, along with Mr. Wisit Srisuwan, Director-General of the Cooperative Promotion Department, Mr. Nirun Moonthida, Deputy Director-General of the Cooperative Promotion Department, Mr. Prayoon Pama, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Cooperative, and related agencies, met with Mr. Nirun Moonthida, Deputy Director-General of the Cooperative Promotion Department, to discuss the Follow up on the issue of arable land for members of the Bangsaphan Cooperative Estate Limited by visiting the region and meeting with cooperative members at the multipurpose dome structure. Thong Mongkhon Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Thong Mongkhon Subdistrict, Bang Saphan District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, with Mr. Kittiphong Sukphakul, Deputy Governor of Prachuap Province, Mr. Nit Tan Anuphan, representative of members of the Bang Saphan Industrial Estate Cooperative Limited, and the head of the government agency. Over a thousand members of the cooperative’s board and local residents were there.

Ms. Mananya stated that, following a meeting on arable land issues, the Ministry of Agriculture, via the Ministry of Cooperation and Promotion, had expropriated the lands of members of the Bang Saphan Industrial Estate Cooperative in Khao Chairat National Forest Reserve, Klong Krut Forest, and Nam Khem National Forest Reserve.

The Director of the Cooperative Promotion Division is appointed as a member and secretary of the Career Development and Marketing Promotion Subcommittee by the Chairman of the National Land Policy Council. In accordance with the principles of a self-sufficient economy, the right to foster professional growth and marketing in community formats such as cooperatives, community businesses, farmer organizations, etc. With the implementation of suitable soil and water conservation measures and the establishment of fundamental utilities. Support the means of subsistence of individuals who are allotted land.

Cabinet Resolutions of December 16, 1970 and August 13, 1974 provide that the Ministry of Cooperative Promotion allot land in degraded protected forest areas. Specifically in Khao Chai Rat National Reserve and the woodland region of Khlong Krut-Phu Nam Kem. With a combined size of 156,078 rai 1 ngan 53 wa, Bang Saphan District and Bang Saphan Noi District are managed as cooperative communities. Since then, it’s been functioning.

Bang Saphan Cooperative Estate is responsible for the layout of the Cooperative Estate’s territory. Bang Saphan Industrial Estate Cooperative Limited, whose members are farmers, is spread across two districts, Bang Saphan and Bang Saphan Noi, and ten subdistricts, with more than 7,000 farmers cultivating more than 9,000 pieces of land. Villagers Therefore, you have no right to enter and consume food. The cooperative coordinated village operations. Create a community of license applicants. A letter written by the governor of Bashu Province requesting permission from the Forestry Bureau to use it as a cover letter for Por.Sor.Sor.23. Subsequently, the National Land Allocation Committee adopted a resolution requesting that the Ministry of Cooperation Promotion return the degrading National Forest Reserve to the Royal Forest Department so that it may continue with the settlement of cooperative settlements in accordance with its mandate. 13 replanting of woods in accordance with rules. Area (NHA) (NHA)

In addition, it stresses agricultural job promotion. Promote intensively the production of high-quality agricultural goods. To guarantee that agricultural goods are safe for customers, promote the development of agricultural products through Good and Appropriate Agriculture (GAP) upstream, midstream, and downstream by encouraging farmers to minimize and cease using pesticides to eradicate weeds or pests. Develop cooperatives into grassroots groups for the collecting, storage, and processing of agricultural goods from the grassroots level. Including the development of the cooperative supermarket idea. To serve as the marketing network link between the local cooperative movement selling excellent membership items and the private sector to distribute safe, high-quality products to customers. Children of farmers who continue farming are returning to family life. Utilize expertise and knowledge from the industrial and service sectors. Diverse methods, including the growth of family farming, are employed to generate job possibilities. Create sustainable agricultural vocations.

Subsequently, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives traveled to Nai Lod Wong Noen Village, Nai Lod Wong Noen Village, Village 6, Ban Nai Wan Wongchan Thong Bang Saphan District Thong Mongkol Street, where he met with three households that are members of Bang Saphan Industrial Estate Cooperative Limited. Bang Saphan District Thong Mongkol Street No. 6 Village and Nai Lamduan Nuyim Sai Village, Bang Saphan District Thong Mongkol Street No. 4 Village and Thong Mongkol Health Center and other essential visiting points to promote hospitals, Thong Mongkol Temple, Ban Thong Mongkol School Nam Pong Thirty Basin, and other locations.

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