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The people reported that Hua Hin TMB used stones to impede the entrance and exit of small boats in the public canal

Hua Hin City implemented a project to enhance the drainage system of the alley Khlong Maphrao on January 11. Small boats will find it difficult to enter and escape if huge stones are arranged in a row during a monsoon. People find it tough to travel while walking along the seashore.

Mr. Prachuap Khiri Khan, Permanent Secretary of the Hua Hin City Government, Mr. Banthoon Chaiyarat, member of the Hua Hin City Council, and officials from the Hua Hin City Technical Department entered Soi Hua Hin 77. Hua Hin City has dissatisfied a group of peasants.

Mr. Banthul Chaiyarat of the Hua Hin Police Station stated he had received complaints from villagers about their difficulties in re-landscaping the Coconut Waterway, a public canal. shared by the whole public As a result, I went to investigate the area and saw that the villagers’ livelihoods had been impacted. Small boats cannot enter or exit. There was nowhere to sit to sew nets. There are no commerce routes and no corridors, and the people want to remove all the stones. In this context, such locals have objected once since December 2022, with the municipality confirming that it received a private-sector budget to repair the coconut canal.

While the department notified us that a letter was received last month (Oct. We are still in the process of determining whether or not there is an increase in the river within the next 120 days. Was the incorrect model sent? and whether it has an influence on the environment if checked and affected The Marine Department will order a construction halt or additional demolition. “The municipality did not ask the locals about this subject,” said Ms. Jirawadee Youngtem, a villagers’ spokesperson. A massive stone dropped unexpectedly, preventing the boat from entering and exiting. Three boats are required to dock at Khao Takiab, three boats are on Hua Hin Beach, and one boat is stuck here. We do not wish to. Request that all stones, including those in the upper garden, be removed so that people can easily enter and exit.

By requesting that the municipality take action. Another thing he came to explain is that this location is undergoing renovations as part of the Royal Initiative’s Laem Phak Bia Project. When questioned if, like the King’s father, the project solely assists those in need, “But what exactly is it that is causing the peasants to suffer?” Mr. Jeerawat Prahmanee stated that because the villagers complained about the private sector’s development of the path to the sea, which is a rainwater canal, the environment grew more attractive, but such improvements dissatisfied the residents. Villagers claim that the stones intended to improve water resistance or beautify the canal make it difficult to park small boats. As a result, he protested that he wanted the municipality to remove it. It will be removed by the municipality. For example, rocks piling up on the route to the shore must be cleared. This location serves as a parking lot for both locals and tourists who visit the service. The municipality will continue to coordinate and resolve issues.

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