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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Thailand’s Population Exceeds 66 Million

Thailand’s official population will top 66 million in 2022, with Bangkok being the most densely populated, with over 5 million citizens.

According to the Ministry of Interior, Thailand has 66.09 million inhabitants, 65.1 million of whom are Thai citizens and around 984,000 of whom are non-Thai nationalities. The Center Registration Bureau released this information.

33.3 million Thais are female, whereas 31.7 million are male. There are roughly 515,600 males and 468,000 females among non-Thais.

Bangkok, with over 5.5 million registered inhabitants, remains the most populated place.

Several groups often utilize census data to develop strategies and policies.

One major application of this knowledge is general poll planning. The most recent population estimate may modify the number of MP seats available.

As many as 43 provinces, including Bangkok, might gain 1-3 extra MP seats in the forthcoming general election, albeit the decision ultimately rests with the Election Commission.

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