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“Hua Hin” imposes stricter controls on beach businesses. In the stated direction, do not overtake

Mr. Jeerawat Prahmanee, Permanent Secretary of Hua Hin Municipality, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, said on January 6, 2023, after presiding over a meeting with the Hua Hin Beach Organizing Committee, that the Hua Hin Beach will host the 2023 Asian Beach Games. Public sector delegates include those from the Prachuap Province Branch Harbor Office, STU 15, Prachuap Khiri Khan ISOC, Hua Hin Police Station, the administrative department, and the municipal government. In the conference chamber of the Hua Hin Municipal Office sat a beach magnate. Later, Hua Don Beach was populated by businesspeople. After a big number of visitors arrived to the Hua Hin District, Khao Takiab Village and the Hua Hin Conservation Group filed a request to extend the space for setting up a canvas bed along the beach by 5 meters.

Mr. Jeerawat stated that around twenty Hua Don beach operators have written a letter to the mayor of Hua Hin requesting that the restaurant area be expanded by five meters for a period of three months so that they may install canvas beds along the beach. with sunbathing visitors, particularly foreigners. The Prachuap Provincial Harbor Office is responsible for that region, though. Hua Hin Municipality is also a member of the Hua Hin Beach Organizing Committee. Police officers and soldiers from the Hua Hin District Administration Department have signed a memorandum with all beach shop proprietors stipulating that their businesses must be located within the boundaries designated. Every month on the third Wednesday, shop owners, beach horses, and kite surfers must cease operations. to return public space to the people and to develop beach cleanup together. The organizing committee has previously told the operators that, should the operator seek this, it cannot be permitted. By bringing the situation to the attention of the Prachuap Provincial Harbor Office and the provincial beach organizing committee for consideration. In the future, the beach will be patrolled alongside the cops to maintain order.

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