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There are numerous tourism operators and hotels in Prachuap that are prepared to welcome Chinese travelers

Mr. Achawan Kongkanan, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Prachuap Khiri Khan Office, reported on January 5, 2023 that the New Year’s event was a highly busy time for tourism in Prachuap Khiri Khan. The overall image of the eight districts revealed an occupancy rate greater than 80 percent, particularly in the district of Hua Hin. Numerous hotels achieved occupancy rates between 90 and 100 percent, which is a positive indicator of the tourism industry’s resurgence.

While TAT Prachuap Khiri Khan Office continues to promote tourism in “365 Days of Wonders of Prachuap,” tourists can visit tourist attractions in every district every day of the week and on public holidays. As part of the planning for welcoming Chinese visitors to Thailand, it is anticipated that the first group of 4,000 to 5,000 individuals would meet with the Provincial Public Health Office and other related authorities.

Initially, a survey was conducted of tourist sites, service locations, hotels, and lodgings that could accommodate Chinese visitors to Prachuap Province who were required to rigorously adhere to the government’s standards.

Dr. Rungroj Suengsawat, academic vice president of the Tourism Industry Council of Thailand and managing director of the Hua Hin Grand Hotel Hotel and Plaza in the Hua Hin District, stated that Thailand is prepared to welcome Chinese tourists. The majority of Thais take good care of themselves and have received the COVID immunization in accordance with Ministry of Public Health regulations. Some individuals with a history of addiction have enhanced immunity. Have the self-control to wear Mass when leaving the house. The tourism scenario in Hua Hin has improved in the new year. Thai people travel more than other nationalities. In particular Indians and Koreans Especially with the influx of Chinese immigrants, it is tantamount to filling it up. Thailand is less expensive than other countries for travel. Thailand also possesses a Thai-Chinese culture. like friendly Similar to a sister city, there are no advantageous prices for hotels, motels, and golf courses that travelers can accept. Even Thais still desire to travel. This time, we are prepared to welcome Chinese tourists.

Mr. Udomsuk Nimsian, the president of the Tourism Business Association in Prachuap Khiri Khan, stated that the vision was a good one. In order to promote tourism in Prachuap Province, the People’s Republic of China would allow Chinese visitors and investors to travel abroad. After the COVID-19 outbreak fades, Prachuap Province is regarded as a province with comprehensive tourism resources. Natural, cultural, and historical attractions, street cuisine and fresh seafood while shopping, and, most importantly, an affordable price. There are hotels ranging from the most basic to those with six stars, luring Chinese tourists to all eight areas. It is the first time that Chinese visitors would return to Thailand, especially the provinces, and this is a significant development. Prachuap is regarded as the initial destination for Thailand’s most significant tourist attractions. in terms of disease preventive and control methods taken by businesses Overall, I am not very concerned. Because Chinese tourists traveling to Prachuap Khiri Khan Province must pass government and Ministry of Public Health screening requirements. It has previously implemented effective precautions before enabling travelers to continue their journey.

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