Professional swimming lessons for young kids and mature adults at Swim Hua Hin


Swim Hua Hin is an internationally accredited swimming school that provides quality swimming lessons to students of all nationalities and abilities from 9 months of age through to mature adults. Besides swimming skills, the learners get to enjoy a fabulous panoramic view from the 6th floor of True Arena Sports Club.

For a decade, Swim Hua Hin has been teaching swimming to all ages, enabling students to swim, play, relax, exercise, and/or compete in any aquatic environment safely and with confidence. The goal is to nurture love, appreciation, and respect for the water through practical programs based on international syllabi and curricula such as ASTCA Swim Australia and Austswim standards. All the coaches at the school have (ASCTA or Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia) qualifications. Therefore, learners and their guardians can be assured of success they can trust in from the school.

There are many services for all ages, needs, and abilities of learners such as swimming lessons for babies of 5 months to 1 year of age, toddlers, kids, teenagers, young, and mature adults who are over 60, and intensive squad training. Moreover, the school’s expertise in swimming can be helpful for any school that seeks assistance in enhancing or developing their swimming programs. With the spectacular mountain view throughout the day, the school’s pool facilities also can be turned into any kind of amazing pool party.

Swim Hua Hin welcomes anyone of all ages and abilities who are passionate about swimming, whether you take it as a casual hobby or a serious routine for competitions. The school is located on the 6th floor of True Arena Sports Club. For the exact location, please visit The school opens daily from 8 AM to 6 PM, except Mondays. For more information, please go to or contact the school via any channel found here ​​

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