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People returned home for the New Year, but Mittraphap Road was stopped and needed a separate lane to drain the cars

On December 29, 2022, at approximately 11:30 p.m., reporters reported the traffic conditions on Mittraphap Road. The inbound traffic situation in downtown Saraburi People returning to their hometowns in the northeastern region from Bangkok have a high number of vehicles leaving from Wang Noi District, compelling the city to open one special lane from km 106 to downtown Saraburi.

In addition, the parallel highway and the expressway can reach speeds of approximately 40 kilometers per hour. The vehicle occasionally slows down and stops. Due to the increasing number of cars, the Muang Saraburi Police Station created an expressway beneath the Friendship Bridge until they reached the city of Saraburi in order to divert inbound traffic onto Mittraphap Road, which leads to the northeast. From kilometer 17 in the Thap Kwang Subdistrict to kilometer 43 in the Klang Dong Subdistrict, the Thap Kwang Highway Patrol and roadway officials in Saraburi Province have inaugurated an expressway.

Because few people opt to return to Phu Lam Nao or go to the northeastern provinces during this time, the highway police and highway will need to open a special lane in 2023 in order to avoid significant traffic congestion at the beginning of the New Year’s holiday. can employ speeds between 20 and 30 km/h, alternating with stops, and must open to release traffic to prevent traffic buildup on the road due to the accident-prone up-down incline. The majority of traffic vehicles are private automobiles. There will be buses and trucks randomly traversing the area.

There were many travelers on Mittraphap Road who stopped to rest, use the restroom, and take advantage of the petrol station’s services. The petrol station has expanded its service hours to accommodate commuters. It is convenient for the New Year’s return journey.

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