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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The New Year’s Eve Party Can Go On As Scheduled

The province governors have been instructed via an urgent letter from the Ministry of the Interior to notify their respective municipal governments that there is no official policy in place to cancel New Year’s celebrations. The ministry has given its blessing to the continuation of festivals, provided that the organizers meet all necessary safety standards.

Earlier today (Monday, December 26), province governors received a letter from Sutthipong Juljarern, permanent secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, informing them that there is no policy to cancel New Year’s celebrations. The letter emphasized that the Ministry of the Interior has not issued any directives canceling New Year’s celebrations at government buildings or other entities within its purview.

However, the letter reaffirmed that all responsible parties must observe the rules governing the opening and closing of entertainment venues.

Hotel rooms are not allowed to be used for illegal activities like prostitution, gambling, or human trafficking, and neither are minors, firearms, or drugs. Rules must be followed when selling alcoholic beverages.

In addition, fire exits and sprinkler systems need to be checked out before any major events can take place.

Author: kanyapat

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