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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Thailand Will Provide Support to Ghana Evolution of Rice

Thailand and Ghana have agreed to collaborate in improving rice strains using technological and innovative means, per their respective commitments to the agricultural sectors of the two countries.

Dr. Sicha Singsomboon, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Ghana, recently met with Dr. Natthakit Khongthip, Director-General of the Thai Rice Department, and Dr. Pana Tappinthakorn, President of the Save Planet Agro-Economy Development Association. The three got together to talk about how they may work together on a project where Thai experts will teach Ghanaians how to grow rice.

Dr. Sicha pointed out that due to its weak economy, Ghana must import most of its rice. In light of this, Thailand, the world’s largest exporter of rice, may offer aid in the form of improved agricultural technology and a bolstering of ties.

Director-General Natthakit said that Thailand is willing to provide such help because he thinks closer connections will be good for both countries. He went on to say that Thailand may assist Ghana with research into adapting technology and rice varieties to the country’s specific climate.

According to the honorary consul, the West African country would prepare roughly 200,000 rai of land and may even build a research center if it becomes required.

The consul also mentioned the long-standing diplomatic ties between Thailand and Ghana, adding that both countries should anticipate further collaboration moving ahead should this initiative be successful.

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