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The airline AeroThai is confident that the aviation industry will quickly bounce back

The Thai government agency in charge of air travel has expressed confidence in the aviation industry, saying that both international and domestic travel are on the upswing.

Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Co., Ltd. predicts a 65% rise in air activity in the coming year (AeroThai).

The recovery of Thailand’s aviation business, according to AeroThai President Nopasit Chakpitak, can primarily be attributed to the government’s decision to lift COVID-19 travel restrictions and reopen the nation.

According to Nopasit, there were an average of 1,637 international and 1,806 domestic flights per day in Thailand in the month of October. Moreover, in December, there were an average of nearly 1,800 flights every day, and that number is only anticipated to climb in the following months.

Over what we can see, AeroThai reports that so far this year, Thailand has handled 520,367 flights, a 79% increase from last year’s total of 291,397 flights. Airports in Thailand are predicted to have over 860,000 flights in 2023, or roughly 2,352 per day.

AeroThai reported an increase in both passenger and cargo flights as a result of the reopening of airspace throughout the world and the subsequent economic recovery. When China’s stringent COVID regulations are finally relaxed next year, the Thai aviation sector will be ready to accommodate even more flights.

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