Haven’t yet visited Club Hua Hin Bistro/Gallery? I think it is the time!


Club Hua Hin Bistro/Gallery is now open at Soi. Hua Hin 55. The unique design of the place and creative Thai fusion dishes and cocktails will excite your date night or friend hang-out night. The second floor allows you to appreciate Thai rare collectibles, which have been well-preserved by the owner.

Most outstandingly spotted at night as lights are vibrantly turned on, Club Hua Hin Bistro/Gallery is a second-to-none nightly destination that already excites you from the outside. Once you are warmly welcomed by hosts at the entrance, you will be led to your table inside on the first floor or outdoor on the second floor. The vibe on the first floor is quite darkish, yet very dynamic supported by fancy and stylish decors. 

If you ask to dine in on the second floor, the first thing you will walk through before reaching your table is the showcase area of the owner’s hard-to-find antiques such as buddha images, Thai traditional costumes, etc. With his great passion for Thai culture, Mr. David Shrubsole, the business owner, also introduces some Thai artists’ paintings on the wall, not only for decoration but also for sale, as well. After enjoying the uniqueness of this place, you will be seated outside where you can smoke or enjoy a Satay dish that is grilled right next to you.

Not only does Club Hua Hin offer fun experience through the vibe and the art gallery, but the bistro also caters creative delicious Thai fusion and western dishes that are friendly to all types of guests. The recommended dishes are:

  • Pork Krapow Pizza: a creative mix of Italian and Thai influence. Thin crust topped with minced pork with Thai basil leaves. 
  • Lime-steamed pork: hot and sour dish that is many Thais’ favorite when they go out drinking. Tender pork with flavorful juice
  • Satay (grilled meat on sticks): large-sized grilled meat chucks on sticks. Perfect for a party over 4 people with a special set of colorful shots that you could order extra.

Club Hua Hin Bistro/Gallery, in fact, was just newly introduced to the city of Hua Hin in September, 2022. Still, it appears to be very competitively appealing to both Thais and foreigners to visit any day of the week. The bistro is located in Soi. Hua Hin 55. It is open from 5 PM – 12 AM daily, except Tuesdays. For more information or reservation, please contact 063 085 7555.

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