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Ban Krut beach floating pontoon takes on a more attractive look

On Wednesday June 22 the Phetchaburi Marine and Coastal Resources Office in collaboration with the municipality of Ban Krut and several volunteers of the marine resources protection worked together to improve the landscape around the floating raft of Ban Krut beach. This work was motivated by the fact that at low tide the concrete bases of the floating buoys appear unsightly in the landscape and could potentially present a danger to tourists. The area is indeed very frequented and tourists like to jump into the water and regularly take pictures of themselves from the floating pontoon. The officials brought in excavators and with the help of volunteers buried the concrete bases in the sand. The teams also attached buoys that will warn the public when the tide rises.

Regarding the floating rafts, it is a project to install several floating rafts on the coastline to increase the potential of marine ecotourism in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman. The project is however closely monitored by the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources to prevent any impact on marine ecosystems and coral reefs. If the corals were to deteriorate, this would lead to a decline in larvae and the disappearance of the coral reef, which is also an important driver of tourism.

There is an urgent need to find suitable locations for contractors and tourists that will not affect marine ecosystems and coral reefs. The floating pontoon project was developed to reduce the various coastal constructions that affect marine resources. The floating pontoons are also access points for speedboats, which will allow tourists to access the beaches more easily for swimming, as well as an opportunity for local people to develop new services.

Author: frederic

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