Zafferano’94- premium wine and Italian fine-dining at Soi. Hua Hin 94


Spotted by the outstanding light purple identity, Zafferano’94 is owned by an Italian and serves an Italian fine-dining experience by an authentic chef. We can sense a true Italian essence reflected in every element this restaurant has to offer.

After taking a left turn to Soi. Hua Hin 94 and driving inside the Soi for about 180 meters, before reaching the railway, the light-purple-lit restaurant is on the left with a team of staff in the uniform with the same color tone giving you a warm welcome. Inspired by a light purple autumn-flowing perennial plant named saffron crocus or Zafaran or Zafferano, the branding of this restaurant goes around this concept. There are two areas, indoor and outdoor, with different purposes. The indoor area gives you a quieter and more private ambiance while the outdoor area surrounded by some trees and purple-lit tables at night allows you to have a louder blast with your gang and smoke. On Saturday nights, live Jazz music by local artists adds a more relaxing vibe to the place. The restaurant is perfect for family and friend gatherings, and special date nights.

The recommended menus are:

1. Any kind of pizza- made with authentic Italian recipes

2. Pork Marsala- pork chunks dried with sweet Italian wine

3. Seared scallops- tasting a well-blended fusion of sweetness and saltiness.

4. Carbonara shrimp pasta- made with homemade pasta noodles

Wine lovers can not miss Zafferano’94 as the restaurant offers an exotic fine wine selection from Italy, France, Chile, and many more. Every dish on the menu is actually planned to enjoy with at least a glass of wine. A wine-drinking beginner can get advice on wine-food matching from staff and Mr. Davide, an owner of the restaurant, who is passionate about sharing stories about his food and drinks.

Zafferano’94 is located in Soi. Hua Hin 94, about 180 meters from the beginning of the Soi. The restaurant operates daily from 12 PM – 10 PM. On Saturday night from 7 PM onwards, you can chill with a live Jazz band. For more information, please contact 065-356-3740 or visit



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