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Pattaya implants artificial coral around Koh Larn

Pattaya is organizing in association with DMZ and EGAT the 9th activity of placing artificial coral islands from high voltage insulators for the year 2022. The aim of this activity is to restore the marine resources around Koh Larn and Koh Sak by rebuilding a natural habitat according to the principles of circular economy and to use the resources for maximum benefit. 

To do this, EGAT (electricity producer), installed the coral island with electrical insulators. This ceremony was presided over by Mr. Kiattisak Sriwongchai, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Pattaya City. Other personalities as well as independent divers joined the event and boarded a boat to bring the island base into the sea. 

It adheres to the government’s national strategy for environmental stewardship and the circular economy principle. This is done to improve resource management. There is a rotation of resources or materials to be reused for maximum benefit, which EGAT values and has established as a guideline for its operations. In this activity, EGAT delivered 300 sets of insulator coral island bases to the Pattaya City Municipality and the Sea Walker Club, covering a total area of 2 rai. To help restore ecosystems and marine resources around both islands, 200 sets of Koh Larn and 100 sets of Sak Island have been purchased to be plentiful.

Author: melina


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