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Five Myanmar illegal migrants workers were arrested

(June 9) Mr Kittisak Somsri, the head of the Krom Luang Chumphon wildlife sanctuary park, said that the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police 147, Lieutenant Colonel Watcharin Patchanachun, along with officials of the Thong Mongkhon administrative; jointly arrested five Myanmar illegal migrants workers during the patrol were in the area of ​​the Plong Tabaek Channel in Bang Saphan District.

Police took all those arrested to Thong Mongkhon Subdistrict Kamnan Office. They were photographed to collect their personal data and given a COVID-19 screening test, all of which resulted in negative.

Police said they did not find the suspected ringleaders to be plotting the stowaways to cross the border and find jobs for them. All those arrested were sent to the Burmese army camp in Yatanabong, where they continued to return to their home countries through the canal.

Kris Lam
Author: Kris Lam

SourceBan Muang

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