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Siam Food Club- food destination for original Thai favorites and western-Thai fusion dishes

With a wide range of Thai and international dishes on the menu, Siam Food Club is both Thais’ and foreigners’ favorite place to visit in the heart of Hua Hin. 

Used to be called ‘Aow Restaurant’, Siam Food Club is now the new appealing name to the western tourist crowds. They have a new focus on fresh fish and authentic Thai favorites on the menu. The must-try ones when you visit this place are;

  1. Panang curry with beef: thinly-sliced beef cooked in coconut milk-based thick, rich, luscious, flavourful curry sauce. 
  2. Deep-fried Seabass with fish sauce: a Thai’s top pick when they visit a beach town. A large-sized fresh and crispy seabass, tasting mildly salty and sweet.
  3. Pork Chop with black pepper sauce: a large-sized loin grilled hot and fast, which later is quickly stir-fried with bell peppers and sauce to add flavors to. Tender and tasty in a combined Thai and western style.
  4. Breaded Escalope with french fries: a chicken breast dipped in egg-glued bread crumbs and deep-fried. Palatable and crunchy. Great pairing with think fresh french fries.
  5. Red Curry with roasted ducks: tender slices of duck cooked in the sauce made from red curry paste stir-fried with coconut milk. Savory, creamy, and meaty.

The restaurant also offers a variety of soft drinks and alcoholic options to supplement the food experience. To recommend a drink pairing with the above-suggested menu list, red wine seems a perfect one. Beer could be a good fit but may make you feel a bit too full as the food comes with a big portion and is accompanied by rice. The price is reasonable, with the great quality of ingredient selection and cooking.

With an open-air setting and great lighting inside, the place looks attractively refined and relaxing at night. The staff are all friendly and can professionally assist you to pick the right dishes for your preference. Located on Poonsuk Road near Bintabath Walking Street, the restaurant feeds Hua Hin people and tourists from lunch to midnight meals. For the exact location, please check https://goo.gl/maps/xxeKRFMiM5vrYDRYA

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