Lucky 13 Sandwiches- homemade premium sandwiches, burgers, and wraps


Taking pride in offering quality products at affordable prices for sandwiches, burgers, and wraps, Lucky 13 Sandwiches serves artisan-baking breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the central of Soi. Hua Hin 94

Behind the success of catering delicious products in many branches in Phuket, Bangkok, and Hua Hin, Lucky 13 Sandwiches has worked with the legendary award-winning baker from Italy, Paolo, with almost 40 years of hardcore artisan craft-baking, which has enabled unique quality product development reflected on a variety of choices on the restaurant’s menu. The proudly-presented selections by the house are as follows;

1. Lucky 13 Shawarma Wrap Chicken: Your choice of chicken or Australian imported beef, fried in spices & laid on a hot wrap with lettuce, tomato & marinated onion. finished with a squirt of our popular hummus dressing and signature chili sauce.

2. Chicken and Bacon Sandwich: Chicken breast & crispy bacon on lettuce with sliced tomatoes & marinated onions, topped with our signature curry yogurt dressing.  The house’s lucky tip is to add semi-dried tomatoes.

3. Roast Beef and Avocadoes (Halal certified): Tender slices of roast beef, freshly sliced avocado, lettuce, tomato, and marinated onions, topped with our homemade mayonnaise. 

4. American Moby: Classic American cheeseburger. A grilled 100% lean beef patty with lots of freshly grounded pepper, sliced cheese, shaved parmesan, and crispy bacon, on a bed of sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and marinated onions, and finished with our homemade Choron dressing.

The restaurant, moreover, serves all-day breakfast, homemade croissants with the use of local products and without artificial colorings and preservatives, and other freshly-made drinks such as coffee with the use of its own roasted coffee from Phuket, tea, and fruit soda. Customers can dine inside and at the outdoor terrace or order the menu through its website, and other food applications such as Food Panda, Line Man, and Grab.

Lucky 13 Sandwiches in the middle of Soi. Hua Hin 94 is the only branch in Hua Hin, a perfect place to get artisanal premium sandwiches, burgers, and wraps at affordable prices and with convenience. You can get their menu from 10 AM – 9 PM daily. For more information, please call 084-329-2560 or visit or



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