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Fight Nation- the house for mixed martial arts

Fight Nation trains people of all ages for Brazillian Jin Jitsu, boxing, and wrestling, and grooms international fighters to enter matches. Just with a dedicated heart to fight and get trained, you can easily become a Fight Nation family. 

As a center for mixed martial art center located in Soi. Hua Hin 94, the venue offers Brazillian Jin Jitsu, western, Thai boxing, and wrestling for kids, adults, and even the police and the army. The classes are in all levels and with a wide range of bags, heavy bags, weights, pads, and other equipment which ensures plenty of training options.

For kids, the school specifically makes Brazilian Jin-Jitsu for self-defense skills to cultivate a greater self-confidence, and promote more balance in their daily lives and in the company of others in a safe and inclusive environment. The school also teaches Jin Jitsu to women who wish to gain self-defense techniques, as well. The head coaches of Brazilian Jin-Jitsu originally from Brazil, Augusto Miranda, and of Thai boxing from Thailand, Bas, ensure guidance and leads by example to promote respect and understanding for each other, which is an important element in all martial arts practices for their classes. The details for other classes found in this school are as follows; 

  1. BJJ all levels: good training, camaraderie and improve your overall Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) skills with our “all levels” classes. A great, kimono-based, class to start with for any aspiring BJJ apprentice.
  2. MMA Submission Wrestling: an advanced course in BJJ, compiled with a focus on developing MMA talent looking to compete. 
  3. MMA Strength and Striking: a course for fighters looking to reach competition level conditioning, focusing on standing fight, sparing, and overall physical improvements. 
  4. BJJ no-gi: training with rash-guard and tight fitted gym pants.
  5. Boxing/Striking: teaching principles of Western boxing and punching, also including strength training, endurance/conditioning, speed, agility, stamina, flexibility, and reflex training. 

Fight Nation is constantly offering scholarships to international individuals from Denmark, Australia, and Finland to be Thai or western boxers, wrestlers, mixed martial arts fighters, Brazilian Jin-Jitsu fighters, or kickboxers of the house. The program allows for free training twice a day, six days per week, and also includes free accommodation and food for the duration of the 3 months training program.

The martial arts school, Fight Nation, has the vision to build a community of warriors by providing a platform where every student regardless of gender, race or age can achieve their full potential in mind and body and be an active part of the fighting nation. The school makes sure every student is trained as an individual, getting the required attention and encouragement while progressing at their own pace. The gym is easily accessible from Baan Khun Por and Soi. Hua Hin 94. It is a perfect place for kids and adults to learn self-defense skills, achieve a healthy lifestyle, and develop a stronger mentality through martial arts. There is a small cafe in front of the gym servicing refreshments for during and after classes, and enriched-protein drinks for workout recovery.

For more information, please contact 032-902-297 or visit https://www.fightnation.ninja/ or https://web.facebook.com/fightnation.ninja/ for class schedule or scholarship details. For the exact location, please check https://g.page/fight-nation?share

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