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Satan’s Grill- house for New York-&-Philadephia-based sandwiches and burgers

Satan’s Grill is the first chef for authentic New York-and-Philadelphia-style sandwiches and burgers in Hua Hin. The place offers a fulfilling size of food menu and a rest stop to refuel your energy while partying in Soi. Hua Hin 80.

Inspired by how difficult it was to find sandwiches and burgers in a real American style in Hua Hin earlier, Liann and Wendy felt the conviction to start their own menu and spread the food passion to Hua Hin residents. The recommended picks are as follows;

1. Philly Cheese Steak: thinly-sliced sauteed beef packed with a lot of Provolone cheese. Cheesy and beefy in a simple tastiness.

2. Steak Sandwich: thinly-sliced sauteed tender beef, seasoned with pepperoni and pepper, and cushioned with lettuces, tomato slices, and mayo sauce. A fulfilling-sized and fun combination.

3. Pastrami & Swiss Sandwich: sliced paper-thin, but not shaved Pastrami and Swiss cheese, bedded with mustard sauce. Quirky mustard-sour taste in a creative paring of Pastrami and an Italian bread. 

4. Bacon Cheese Burger: A thick beef patty coming with cheddar cheese, pieces of sauteed bacon, tomatoes, lettuces, and white sesame buns. Authentic American burger sensation that makes you forget the burger big chain restaurants’.

As a thoughtful and kind-hearted individual, Liann loves sharing benefits with her other neighboring businesses. She allows her place to give convenience to customers who go to the bars in Soi. Hua Hin 80 with her parking space in exchange for a little fee of 50 THB per night without having to worry about parking by the side of the main road or in the Soi that may jam the way. She also shares the sale of her food with other bars in the street as she sees most places offer Thai dishes and classic appetizers that may not help fulfill their clients until the end of the night.

Satan’s Grill is an authentic American sandwich and burger house located in Soi. Hua Hin 80. Its food can also be ordered through food applications such as Grab, Line Man, and Food Panda. For more information, please contact 032-902-284 or visit https://web.facebook.com/satansgrill or https://satans-grill.com/. The place is open daily from 11 AM to midnight.

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