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Prachuap: small lottery dealers face the launch of digital lottery sales

The Government Lottery Office has opened the sale of government lottery tickets through the Pao Tang app since June 2. Small lottery dealers said that during this period, not many people came out to buy because it was the first days of the sale. They said they had to wait until near the date of the lottery to get more customers. However, the fact that the lottery office is open online via will surely have an impact on physical sales. But today it is not clear because there are still less than 5 million copies on sale, but in the next few installments, if there is an increase in the number of digital lotteries, it may affect the sales of small stalls because people have other options to buy. It’s easy to go into the app to buy your lottery number. No need to go outside to find the stands. Nevertheless, the people who buy digital lottery tickets are those who are open to technology. For people whose phones don’t support apps or who don’t have WI-FI or who are elderly, they will still tend to buy physical tickets.

Ms. Rosarin Rakprang, is one of those who buy digital lottery tickets through the Pao Tang app, she said that buying lottery tickets is easy and hassle-free. ”You can easily buy the desired numbers by simply entering the numbers. No need to go outside to buy. If you win, you can choose a withdrawal method. It is important to note that it can be purchased for 80 baht, as stated on the lottery. You don’t need to buy 90-100 baht each, like what you would buy in some stalls” The number of digital lotteries should be increased in the future, but we have to take into account the small resellers so as not to affect the career of the lottery seller. But the digital lotteries should be one of the channels with the stalls that still have to continue and believe that the launch of the digital lottery will create a market mechanism. Indeed, the sales price at the stalls that some merchants sell more than 80 baht per ticket should drop to be competitive.

In the past, the Government Lottery Office has opened for digital lottery merchants. There are 10,258 merchants who have passed the qualification examination criteria. Will there be an increase in the number of merchants and the number of digital lotteries? There will be an evaluation in the next phase.

Claodia Moro
Author: Claodia Moro


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