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Tropical Bungalow, Panisara Pool Villa Hua Hin- cozy, relaxing, and convenient.

Panisara Pool Villa Hua Hin offers a cozy and relaxing stay with full facilities you would need to unwind and enjoy your fun moments in Hua Hin.

At Panisara, you can find rooms for 2, 4, 6, and up to 10 people. The ambiance of the rooms is inspired by the Thai local style, which picks local items such as bed nets, bamboos, and baskets to decorate the rooms, and a brown and beige tone to enhance the relaxing sensation.

Pool Side Room for 2 people.
Garden View for 2 people.
Beds come in many styles, but all reflect Thai essences.
There is also a room for 3-people parties.
There are rooms for large parties with up to 10 people. You can select 2 connecting rooms if you wish.

There are other room options to meet your specific needs such as a room with its own terrace for those who seek a private hangout area, and a room that allows pets to stay in.

There are rooms that welcome pets, as well.
A private terrace attached to a Deluxe Family room where you can barbeque or have your own private parties.

Tropical trees which were heartily hand-planted by the owner, and a pool in the center of the hotel are to ensure a cozy outdoor experience, which is also accompanied by the quiet surroundings around the premises.

Greens surround every path on the hotel premises, giving cozy breezes all day.

There is also a large pool located in the middle of the hotel that is open for 24 hours to safely accompany all ages of guests from small kids to adults and be the center for occasional pool parties organized by the hotel.

24/7 swimming pool friendly for small children and adults. Tubes and pool toys are available for free.

To elevate your relaxation, the hotel provides a massage by a professionally-trained masseur who has been in the industry for over 20 years. You can select a classic Thai massage and an oil massage for the head, face, and full body at reasonable prices.

Original Thai massage, starting at 400 THB per hour by a professional masseur in a quiet private room without any disturbance, ensuring highest relaxation.

The hotel, in addition, offers a kitchen service that serves delicious Thai and international dishes, and drinks. The recommended dishes are pineapple fried rice, German Currywurst, spring rolls, deep-fried chicken wings, and deep-fried squids, accompanied by a bottle of beer. Therefore, we can say that we can spend a whole day at Panisara to unwind while being well-fed here.

German Currywurst served with french fries. High-quality German sausage with authentic taste. Big-sized french fries with real potatoes. Savory. Fulfilled size.
Pineapple fried rice fulfilled with cashew nuts, chickens, and some vegetables. Fulfilled size. Not dry. Tasty in Thai authentic style.
Deep-fried squids served with sweet plum sauce. Fresh. Crunchy. Not oily. Fun appetizer to warm up your stomach.
Spring rolls and deep-fried chicken wings served with sweet chili sauce. Crunchy. Tasty. Not oily. Can be your appetizer or snacks between meals.

For those who seek more excitement, the hotel has a motorbike, scooter, and car rental service. You can conveniently ride it to Soi. Hua Hin 94 for a bar and restaurant area in 5 minutes, to Blue Port department store in 5 minutes, to Vana Nava Water Park in 7 minutes, Cicada Market in 10 minutes or to Hua Hin beach in 10 minutes.

Bikes for rent. The price is 250 THB per day. There is also a special deal for a week’s rental.

Moreover, from time to time the hotel organizes a cocktail pool party with live music and karaoke at an extra charge, which is a great chance to mingle with others who stay at the hotel or other Thai and foreigners for local connections.

With a great number of years living in Thailand, Khun Vodka, the owner of Panisara Pool Villa Hua Hin, shares his passion for Thai cultures and his love for warm and attentive hospitality in every little detail reflected through helpful and welcoming staff services, material selections for rooms, and even trees that were selected and planted by himself. He enjoys seeing smiles and hearing laughs from his clients. He will always make sure your stay at his hotel will be one of the best moments you spend in Hua Hin.

Panisara Pool Villa Hua Hin is a perfect choice for families with kids and pets, and couples who seek a conveniently relaxing experience. For more information, please call 096-403-2703 or visit https://www.facebook.com/Panisarapoolvillahuahin or https://www.panisarapoolvilla.com For the exact location to reach the hotel at Soi. Hua Hin 102, please check https://g.page/Panisarapoolvillahuahin?share

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