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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

EV bikes will be on display during the Bangkok Motorbike Festival in 2022

During the recently concluded Bangkok Motorbike Festival, which was held in Thailand, AJA exhibited its e-bikes. The company’s CEO Pichai Panjaska noted that the increasing number of people in the country who are interested in electric cars has prompted the company to launch new models. One of these is the T9 e-bike, which has a 3,000-watt motor and a top speed of up to 106 kilometers per hour. AJA has been bringing electric cars to the country for the past three years. During the festival, the company exhibited its various products, such as e-bikes, tricycles, and motor bikes. It also introduced a gadget known as the “AJ ENERGY Swap Station,” which allows users to recharge their batteries on the go. The company is currently planning to establish swap stations in Bangkok before it extends its reach to remote regions. It aims to sell around 60,000 electric cars a year and gain a 15% share of the local market. Pichai noted that the company’s main target audience is mainly motorcycle taxi drivers, regular motorists, and delivery riders. Most of the company’s electric cars are imported from China. These models have various features such as high-capacity batteries and eco-friendly designs.

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