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Thai students back to school

After two turbulent years due to Covid 19, Thailand’s Ministry of Education is allowing schools to reopen for the first time since Covid 19 arrived. Students in all of the country’s (35,000 schools) will return to physical classes 

Students and pupils alike are delighted to have a return to normal life. However, some restrictions have been imposed by the government. Kissing and hugging are forbidden. Moreover, the tables are socially distanced and masks are mandatory.
In addition, the Health Department has announced that classes and schools will no longer close even if a teacher, student or school staff is infected. Nevertheless, measures will be taken depending on the severity of the case, whether the person is vaccinated or not. (Thaipbsworld)
Despite these restrictions, this does not take away from the joy students have in being able to return to school with their friends.

Coming back to school allows the students to work in the best possible conditions since there might not be any place at home for them to work. In fact, 80% of the schools reported that disadvantaged children had no access to education due to lack of internet or hardware. It is very expensive for these low-income families to pay for it. In addition, 79% did not have the time to help their children with their homework and over 230,000 students had to drop out of school after their parents lost their salaries. With the start of the new school year, it is important that the state helps these students who have dropped out of school to get them back on track (Bangkok Post)

In order to celebrate this special return to school, in the north of Thailand, province of Tak, some students did not arrive by bus to school or on foot but on elephant back. In order to mark the return to school, parents from Baan Ya Por School in Phob Phra district have organized a ride for their children on elephants. An exciting way to go back to school.

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