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Than Khun Khao Sticky Mango Hua Hin gives free 500 sets of mango sticky rice to people on Hua Hin

According to the frenzy created by “Milli”, the trend of mango sticky rice is unstoppably on the rise, making Than Khun Khao Sticky Mango Hua Hin gain big profits and feel like showing appreciation in return by giving away free 500 sets of the dessert to anyone in Hua Hin.

On the evening of April 28, 2022, at the Hua Hin night market, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, there were many tourists and people in Hua Hin lining up to receive 1 free set of mango sticky rice per person in front of the place called ‘Than Khun Khao Sticky Mango Hua Hin’.

Mr. Sittichai Raksadee, 35, the owner of Than Khun Khao Mango, Hua Hin, said that he would like to give away mango sticky rice to people for free because this year his business achieved big profits from this popular trend. Therefore, he wished to express appreciation to the people of Hua Hin. Most importantly, this year the mango price is not high; his giving away is like helping mango farmers in another way. He said he would love everyone in Hua Hin to eat delicious mango sticky rice, so he decided to give away 500 free sets, using 60 kilograms of sticky rice, and 300 kilograms of mango. His business has been around for 11 years. The recipe was obtained from Aunt Chai, and is on sale all year round.

“As for the glutinous rice at our shop, it is freshly made every day. If there are leftovers, they will be discarded. Thus, customers will get only the best. If any set of mangoes is not sweet, we will not sell it. We focus on quality. If the customer says the mango is not sweet, we change it. We don’t focus on quantity. The COVID-19 period has given a huge impact, almost impossible to live. This year is enough to recover. Therefore, I would like to share my mango sticky rice with the people of Hua Hin. Now we have a promotion, ‘buy half a kilogram of mango sticky rice, get free 2 Nam Dok Mai mangoes. For a big set, one and a half mangoes with sticky rice costs 100 baht. For a small set, one mango with sticky rice costs 80 baht,” said Mr. Sittichai.

Other shops across the nation are experiencing high demands for the menu. The Thai government is planning to capitalize the trend by pushing it to be a cultural heritage under UNESCO.

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