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Chon Buri Election Commission targets 70% of vote participation

The Chonburi Election Commission is ready to organize the election of the Prime Minister and the members of the Pattaya City Council taking care that there is no corruption. They are aiming for a voting intention of 70%. 

On April 27, Ms. Witchuda Mekanuwong, director of the Chonburi Provincial Election Commission Office, gave an interview on the preparation of the Pattaya City Mayor and Pattaya City Council elections. “For Sunday May 22, the office is already prepared and rehearsals have been held to prepare for the event about 3-4 times, so I think there should be no problem. The whole election campaign is in order. There have been no serious complaints about any candidate violating election law.”

On April 28, the Chonburi Provincial Election Commission will hold a meeting to educate police officers on the elections, emphasizing the powers and duties of performing their duties and cases of election violations. It will also be passed on the experiences of local election cases that occurred in the past, this will give an example to the police officers so that they are informed. As for the polling station committee (KWA), which is like a dead end in the voting and counting. There will be a training session between May 17 and 20, focusing on how the KWA performs its duties, as well as examples of incidents to be passed on and avoided so that these mistakes do not happen again.

Ms. Wichuda said that along with the Chonburi Provincial Election Commission there will be a Big Day campaign to promote the election on May 12 in front of Central Pattaya. The public will be invited to come out to exercise the right to choose the mayor of Pattaya City and the members of the Pattaya City Council. This initiative is taken because there has not been an election for a long time. In the past, the number of voters was only 41%. In May, a turnout of 70% is expected, at least that is what the Election Commission will try to do by campaigning to fully promote these elections.

Claodia Moro
Author: Claodia Moro


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