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Khon Kaen Zoo welcomes a new Songkran baby giraffe

Khon Kaen Zoo is happy to welcome during Songkran a new member of their giraffe family, a new baby giraffe born from mother giraffe named “Baifern”, courtesy of the Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo to be exhibited at Khon Kaen Zoo  

Mr. Narongwit Chodchoi, director of Khon Kaen Zoo, revealed that in the early morning of April 4, 2022, Khon Kaen Zoo had a new member, a young South African giraffe, who entered the world at the African Animal Show. This new born giraffe weighs approximately 70-80 kilograms and has a height of about 190 centimeters. It is the fifth baby giraffe born from a mother giraffe named Baifern, courtesy of the Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo. Baifern has been exhibited at the Khon Kaen Zoo since the beginning of the zoo’s opening and the father giraffe named “Klang” is imported from southern Africa.  Khon Kaen Zoo has a total of 5 giraffes on display right now including both mother and child.  Currently, veterinarians, conservationists, and the research and animal health departments at Khon Kaen Zoo has been closely supervising the mother and child.

Mr. Narongwit added that it is a great pleasure for the Thai people to welcome the Thai New Year together with Khon Kaen Zoo with a new baby giraffe. For during this Songkran holiday season it is a time and opportunity for Thai people to go to make merit, to visit elders and also an opportunity to go on a trip to visit with family. Therefore, the Khon Kaen Zoo has prepared to welcome tourists who come to visit the Khon Kaen Zoo, with safety and strict anti-Covid 19 (Zoo New Normal) measures. On this occasion Khon Kaen Zoo therefore invites all tourists and children to come and see the cuteness of baby giraffes every day, excluding public holidays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Khon Kaen Zoo

In addition, tourists can also join in making merit and sponsoring wildlife, becoming adoptive parents for wildlife and can make merit by donating money to contribute to the fund through Krung Thai Bank account number 006-0-23655-8, account name “Panda Fund”, which is to be used for animal feed expenses, various medical supplies in the treatment of animals including equipment to promote the quality of life of wildlife in zoos across the country. If transferring money, send a slip with name-address to Facebook page: Khon Kaen Zoo, Khonkaen Zoo or www.facebook.com/Khonkaenzoo. The Zoological Garden Organization of Thailand under royal patronage will send a receipt as evidence for applying for a tax deduction. For more information, please contact the Revenue, Business and Information Department. Phone number 086-4594192 Khon Kaen Zoo or to find out more information via Social Media www.facebook.com/Khon Kaen Zoo and via the website of Khon Kaen Zoo www.khonkaenzoo.com

Interesting Giraffe facts: It is the tallest land animal, with a very long neck, horns in both males and females, covered with fur. The hide has short brown hair with unique white stripes.  Giraffes have a long mouth and tongue and they use lips and tongue to curl leaves. They have 4 breasts.

Habitat: Found only in African savannah, South of the Sahara Desert from Nigeria to the Orange River Diet: Giraffes don’t like to eat much grass, they instead prefer to eat leaves. Likes to live in a wide field together in a herd, living together with other animals such as zebras, ostriches and antelopes. The giraffes will be on the lookout for dangers. Males are known to fight during the mating season. The main enemies of giraffes are leopards and lions. The giraffe defends itself by swinging its head and kicking with its feet.

Current status : Organisms at low risk of extinction, average age : Lives about 20-30 years, reproductive age. Giraffe: Giraffes begin mating at about 3 and a half years of age, gestational period of 420 – 468 days, giving birth to one calf each time. Young cubs are weaned at 10 months of age, estrus every 14 days, each time is 24 hours. Size and weight :The male is about 18 feet tall and weighs approximately 1,100 – 1,932 kg. The female is approximately 17 feet tall and weighs approximately 700 – 1,182 kg.

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