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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Subcommittee On Overpriced Lottery Designates Working Timeline

A 3-stage timeline has been laid down by the subcommittee studying overpriced lottery tickets, with the body seeking to increase penalties on offending sellers.

Chankrit Detwithak, assistant minister at the Prime Minister’s Office, reported on progress made in resolving the matter of overpriced lottery tickets. Mr. Chankrit, who is the chair of a subcommittee studying measures to implement to mend the overpricing issue, also gave a timeframe for the work. He said the study and follow-up of measures is split into 3 stages.

The first stage involves supervisory and follow-up roles for policies, and the selection of committee members in a way that avoids conflict of interest.

During the middle stage, a platform for online lottery sales will be laid down. The subcommittee will make sure the platform is accessible to all groups of people, including those without the internet and persons with disabilities. Also during this stage, data from lottery sellers will be collected with an aim of raising the number of tickets allocated for real sellers. At this time, the subcommittee will be working to penalize those who overprice the tickets and revoke their eligibility to receive tickets. The body plans to issue rewards to people who point out offending ticket sellers.

During the next 3-6 months, the subcommittee will be studying the appropriateness of current ticket allocation quotas and the distribution of tickets. It will then determine whether the quotas suited current circumstances and whether the receiving organizations were truly charitable establishments. 

In the final stage, the Lottery Act of B.E. 2517 will be studied, with a focus on increasing penalties on violators of the Act.

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