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The prime minister worried about the “Russia-Ukraine” war that could drive up the cost of fertilizers and feed

A government spokesman said the prime minister was worried about the protracted Russian-Ukrainian war. Make expensive fertilizers and animal feeds, enjoin commerce, agriculture, monitor the level of purchase-sales in the country distributing import sources of raw materials, fertilizers and animal feed alleviate the burden of entrepreneurs farmers and people

Mr Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Concerned about the Russo-Ukrainian War that has affected the world trade system by oil price Internationally traded commodities and ores have skyrocketed in an instant. And if the situation continues to be protracted will make world trade more restrictive In particular, fertilizers and feedstuffs such as wheat and maize will increase in price because Russia and Ukraine are important producers, while Thailand still has to import mainly animal feed and fertilizer from abroad. In addition, the price of oil, which is an important cost in the transportation of goods, increased. As a result, fertilizer in the country was expensive from the end of year 64 to year 65, which now the Prime Minister has charged both the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. The Ministry of Commerce and related agencies accelerate the resolution of problems, including monitoring the level of feed and fertilizer prices to increase and decrease by the real cost ratio. no hoarding seize the opportunity to raise the price At the same time, the distribution of raw materials for fertilizer and feed production from other imported sources is expedited, and other measures are taken to facilitate and solve problems. Reduce production and import barriers to reduce costs for entrepreneurs and farmers as well

In 2021, Thailand imported 5,520,883 tons of chemical fertilizers from 45 countries, valued at 70,103 million baht. The 5 countries that Thailand imports the most chemical fertilizers are:
1. China imported 1.25 million tons, valued at 16,997 million baht, or 22.75%.
2. Saudi Arabia imported 8.4 hundred thousand tons, worth 10,707 million baht or 15.3%.
3. Russia imported 4.4 hundred thousand tons, valued at 5,604 million baht, or 8.06%.
4. Oman imported 3.6 hundred thousand tons, valued at 4,381 million baht, or 6.64%.
5. South Korea imported 3.3 hundred thousand tons, the value of 3,417, the proportion of 6.14%.

The chemical fertilizers and animal feed It is a controlled product according to the Act on the price of goods and services. If there is a price adjustment The Ministry of Commerce must consider the application of the entrepreneur first. No one has made an official request for a price adjustment.

“The Prime Minister has prepared measures and measures to deal with the impacts since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. before it developed into war and brought in for discussion at the Cabinet meeting for a period By what power or law the government can relax. It hastened to take action immediately, such as the Ministry of Finance using tax measures. excise tax reduction Ministry of Energy take care of energy prices freeze the price of diesel fuel not exceeding 30 baht/litre, Ministry of Commerce Regulate the prices of animal feed and food, essential goods, etc. If the war ends quickly It is expected that the price of commodities and oil will return to the market mechanism. But if the situation is protracted The government has already prepared other measures to alleviate the burden of farmers, entrepreneurs and the people as much as possible,” said Thanakorn.

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