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Prime Minister says pressing economic and public health issues are being adressed

The Prime Minister has participated in a non-voting general debate in the Parliament. During the session, he said that the government is currently addressing pressing economic and public health issues to limit impacts on the public.

Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha answered queries on friday that were posed by members of the Opposition in a general debate in Parliament. The non-voting debate was held in accordance with Section 152 of the Constitution.

Gen. Prayut explained during the debate that many developments of concern have occurred. He said the government has worked with all sectors to address these issues. He also informed us that the current administration is not one that carried over from 2014, saying all government members came from the most recent general election.

Significant progress has been made in tackling problems amid an abnormal global situation that made problem-solving difficult

– Prime Minister Gen. Prayut

Gen. Prayut responded to the Opposition’s arguments about the government’s response to pressing issues, including unemployment and business closures. He said significant progress has been made in tackling problems amid an abnormal global situation that made problem-solving difficult. He added the government tackled each problem at the structural level, giving the problem of heightened prices of consumer staples as an example. He said the prices rose in accordance with market mechanisms and the government was able to mitigate the issue promptly using an in-depth handling approach.

Regarding the issue of oil price, Prime Minister Gen. Prayut attributed the heightened price to energy demand that occurred simultaneously throughout the world as the COVID-19 situation receded. On this front, the government has implemented a 30 baht per liter cap on the price of diesel fuel.

Responding to queries about the government’s procurement of Covid vaccines, the premier said adequate amounts were procured. He noted that Thailand retains global acknowledgment for its handling of COVID-19. The government is now rehabilitating tourism businesses with the aim of nurturing a post-pandemic economic revival.

The Prime Minister ended the debat saying the government welcomes useful suggestions that are beneficial to the public.

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