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The Cabinet will consider a bill to give small-scale liquor manufacturers more freedom

The Cabinet will consider a bill that will give small-scale liquor manufacturers more freedom to compete in the market.

Members of the Parliament voted 207 to 196, with two abstentions and three no votes, on Wednesday to refer the bill amending the Excise Tax Act to the cabinet for consideration. The amendment was proposed by Move Forward Party MP Thaopipob Limjirakorn to open the market for small-scale distillers and local manufacturers.

After receiving the bill, the cabinet will have 60 days to consider the details before returning it to the House for a vote on whether to accept it on its first reading.

Mr. Thaopipob stated that if the amendment is approved, small-scale liquor producers will be able to commercialize their products. It would also allow them to develop distillery recipes using local resources, improve local liquor-making standards and create income for local businesses and communities.

The bill, he said, will break up the decades-long oligopoly in liquor production in Thailand, involving a handful of rich families, and will provide an opportunity for new and smaller players to enter the market for the production of liquor and beer.

Taopiphop has long been known as a campaigner against oligopoly in liquor production, as he himself was arrested five years ago for brewing his own craft beer.

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