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New crosswalks to be painted in front of all Hua Hin schools for safety

More clearly-seen red and white crosswalks will be painted at the fronts of all schools in Hua Hin to reduce road accidents and promote traffic discipline.

According to Mr. Jeerawat Prahmanee, Permanent Secretary of Hua Hin Municipality, Hua Hin has enforced traffic laws strictly. Apart from this, other accident-prone risks such as bushy side-road trees and unclear signs are being limited to ensure zero accident rates on the road. The initial focus locations are the 7 schools with high traffic of students, teachers, and parents in and out. 

Mrs. Kanchanarat Thaweesak, director of Khao Phithak Municipality School, says that in the morning there are 633 students in the school who have to cross the crosswalk to enter school. The front area is a steep path down the hill where drivers still tend to speed, which can pose a great danger to children.

With the tragic loss of an eye doctor hit at the crossroad previously, awareness of pedestrian safety is on the rise. Schools send caution to parents through Line application, but more interventions still must be implemented.

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