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Long-tail boat modified to catch jellyfish

During the Covid time making money, became a challenge for many people.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Long-tail boat tours lack income. Therefore, the boat was modified to catch jellyfish instead. This is a substitute income from lost tourism. 

The modified long-tail boats use a special modified long-handled swing waiting for a spoon to scoop jellyfish through the water.

When the hull is full, the boat will turn to head towards the pier where a group of merchants coming to set up tents to reserve the area to buy for 4-5 baht each.

Thanks to this new trick villagers in the area of Mueang District and Nuea Khlong District have enough income to cover family expenses during this period.

Some people who have big boats will earn 4-5 thousand baht/day, but if a small boat then income will be only 1-2 thousand baht / per day.

The number of fishermen who turn to scoop jellyfish has more than doubled. However, this year the price of jellyfish is still high. Vendors will buy for 5 baht each.

The merchants will buy from fishermen then they will dry and ferment with salt.

The result will be forwarded to the company and it will be processed again. Packed in wooden crates for domestic and international sales such as Korea, China, etc., which are commonly eaten.

It is believed to help nourish the body in Thailand, it is popular to eat as a side dish, for example, jellyfish salad. 

Jellyfish salad, a popular dish in some areas of Asia, may be prepared using cold marinated jellyfish that is thinly sliced. Some Asian airlines serve jellyfish salad as a part of their meals. Jellyfish sushi is consumed in Japan. In Thailand, a crunchy style of noodle is produced using jellyfish.


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