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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Hua Hin is modernizing it’s water Reservoir

The Chief of Hua Hin Administration travelled to inspect the process of revamping the Kao Tao water reservoir in the Hua Hin district.

On the morning 24th on January this year Hua Hin Environmental Advisory Sirapan Kamolpramot along with Suthipongse Pasurat Chief of Hua Hin Administrative travelled to inspect the process of revamping Kao Tao water reservoir that had started in 20th January this year. The process included cleaning the reservoir, setting up a new water gate mechanism, improving the road around the reservoir and also to create market space around for people around the reservoir.

“The Kao Tao reservoir had been in use since 1962 and provides water and electricity for the Hua Hin people since then. Now it is much more than just a reservoir, it has became a popular camping spot for tourists who come to Hua Hin. And by modernizing it we hope it can attract people to come to Hua Hin”

Suthipongse Pasurat Chief of Hua Hin Administrative 

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