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To help new graduates meet the expectations of the job market, a new campaign has been launched

Today’s freshly graduated students are required to have certain competencies to have an edge in the highly competitive job market. With this in mind, the Department of Labor has launched a new campaign designed to provide these specific skills to students before they graduate.

Suchat Chomklin, secretary of labor, said his department has launched a workforce training campaign for students and workers to acquire new sets of essential skills in response to technological transformation and other changes in the labor market.

The department hopes this campaign will make it easier for students to find jobs after graduation and help address the shortage of skilled workers.

In collaboration with the Department of Education, the department will work to develop a workforce Big Data to program its training programs based on market needs.

The Ministry of Labor also plans to hold regional, national and international skills competitions, while promoting legal advice and regulations related to employment, worker protection and social security.

The Ministry of Labor, through the Department of Skills Development, has so far provided training and skills assessments for students in their final year of vocational studies, including courses on digital machine design and modern motorcycle repair.

This department has also offered vocational courses to individuals with only their basic education degree. Nearly 1,100 people are currently taking these courses.

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