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Aung San Suu Kyi was sentenced to four more years in prison

Ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi was sentenced to four more years in prison by a Myanmar court. The sentence will start this Monday after finding her guilty of illegally importing and possessing walkie-talkies and violating coronavirus restrictions.

Suu Kyi’s party won the Myanmar 2020 general election, but the military claimed there was widespread electoral fraud, an assertion that to date is not based on any evidence.

Suu Kyi was convicted last month on two other charges and given a four-year prison sentence. The military-installed government reduced the penalty to half just a few days after the decision.

The Nobel laureate is facing a dozen of accusations against her. The military-installed government detained Suu Kyi on February 1 with other top members of her National League for Democracy party.

Since her first appearance in public media after the detention, Suu Kyi has been wearing prison clothes — a white top and a brown longyi skirt provided by the authorities. The location of the 76-year-old woman remains a secret, but local news reported that the place she is locked in is also the place she will serve her sentence.

The general in charge ordered mass detentions and bloody crackdowns killing over 1,400 civilians. Peaceful protests have continued, but amid the severe crackdown, armed resistance has also grown, to the point that U.N. experts have warned the country could be slowly going into a civil war.

Many countries have declared their rejection of the violent events that Myanmar is going through. The United States condemned what they say is the “unjust arrest, conviction and sentencing” of Suu Kyi.

The current military government has not allowed any outside party to meet with Suu Kyi. International organisms pressure for talks to solve the ex-leader situation and stop the slaughters and violation of human rights before it is too late.

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