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The Providores Hua Hin

The Providores Hua Hin

Hua Hin has recently welcomed another boutique grocer in the form of The Providores.  We visited recently and found a boutique Grocer + Deli + Eatery (what a mouthful!) located in Soi 94, in the G Hotel Resort & Mall, Hua Hin.  The whole operation is directed by Chef Blair Mathieson & partner Fon, they are specialising in Gourmet Meats, Cold Cuts, Cheese, Fresh Pasta, Sauces, Ready Meals, Sweets, Tasty Beverages and lots more! Chef Blair has an extensive career background working in 5 star hotels and now also works as a consulting chef.  His experience really shows in terms of sourcing absolutely the highest quality ingredients available, and then combining that with talent and technique to produce a result that is beyond comparison.

So lets take a look at the menu,

The BRTM Ciabatta Sandwich

Chef has done a great job of creating layers of tastes in this Ciabatta, it’s a light sandwich that’s packed with flavour.  The bun is locally made which is lightly grilled in the pan, smoked bacon from their Bangkok supplier is then grilled and added on top of the local mozzarella tomatoes and rocket.  Add homemade garlic aioli and together it’s their take on a classic BLT.   This was meant to be enjoyed!

The Providores Breakkie Burger 

This is a great way to start your day, it’s free range pork patty (supplied by The Accidental Butcher), organic farm fresh egg, mayo and their own smoked ketchup homemade.  I have to say, this is a beautiful and delicious way to begin your day.  

The Providores Burger

This is where they make their mark, starting with 150 gram Angus beef from The Accidental Butcher, caramelised onions, Gorgonzola Dolce Panna (simliar to a blue cheese in taste) and again with homemade smoked ketchup and truffle aioli.  We have to admit that the taste is luscious, the creamy blue cheese like Gorgonzola mixes oh so well the caramelised onions.  It’s then held together with a high quality Australian beef patty, nothing but beef – all natural, cooked to a juicy medium.  This is a premium burger with a premium taste, whilst it might be a bit more pricer then some low end burgers, this is really worth the money and serves as a lovely little treat now and then.  

Chiang Mai Pork Chop

Its not just burgers at The Providores, we also enjoyed a free range Chiangmai pork chop, which was juicy and nicely cooked.  Delighted to say it had plenty of taste, with a red wine jus drizzled on top and nice little salad to garnish.   There is a wholegrain mustard which is wonderful to spread over and matches nicely with the pork chop.

Fresh Pappadelle Pasta

Starting with Scarletta Pappardelle pasta, a quick boil and then the addition of a pre-made sauce of beef cheek ragu with straw, shiitake and swiss brown mushrooms.  Red wine and beef stock to pull it all together to make an excellent and rather delicious sauce.

Situated in the upcoming Soi 94 on the corner where the G Resort sits, with parking and other shops available, The Providores are certain to quickly find a fan club from those who are looking for quality products.  They are a welcome addition to Hua Hin

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