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Friday, May 24, 2024

Vietnam Ministry of Industry asks the Chinese government to reopen its border gates.

Current Vietnam’s Minister of Industry and Trade, Trần Tuấn Anh, stresses the importance reopen its border gates with China and extending customs clearance hours to ease supply-chain snarls amid zero-Covid-19 policies, VnExpress news website reported.

Ministry of Industry and Trade urged the China Guangxi region to reopen its border gates. There have been countless economic losses from both countries. VnExpres claimed that there are thousands of Vietnamese vehicles stuck at the border. Vietnam also wants Guangxi to lift its suspension of Vietnamese dragon fruit imports.

Vietnam is suffering from the Quarantine Block. Guangxi trade officials agreed to increase the duration of customs clearance and pass along other proposals to higher authorities, according to VnExpress.

The Minister of Industry sent letters to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, customs administration, and secretaries of Guangxi and Yunnan province requesting assistance in resolving the issues, the news website reported.

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